We know what works to get people to work better together.

But isn’t it more than just that?

We think so. Because at Vivid Performance Group, we move individuals from just looking at work as a job towards an innate human desire to solve, innovate and grow better together as a team. It’s a capability we help develop.

Through scientifically validated methodologies and real world work experience, Vivid Performance Group helps reveal and develop your team’s innate abilities to work better together in what we call the “business sandbox.”

Our Services


Vivid Performance Group has assessments specific to your exact people and organizational needs.

Your people are a sound business investment. We call it “Future-Proofing” a company. And we can help you achieve it today.
We develop coaching plans to further develop existing skillsets or add new skills, depending on the need.

Empowering teams to dig deep and collaboratively solve problems, and to successfully work through tension and conflict.


Conflict between individuals, among team/s, and within an organization is inevitable and on the rise. 

Stories from The Sandbox.

Bright people. Vivid stories.
Read our customer interviews and learn how their challenges became success stories.
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