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Trust Better, TogetherTM

Trust is the bridge between the business need for results and the human need for connetion.

The high stakes of low trust are devasting to people, culture, and business results. When people spend their time fighting, avoiding and blamestorming you can bet that trust levels are on life support. Low trust is linked to a per employee cost of nearly $3,000 per year for those at the median range of $90,000 combined salary and benefits.

On the flipside when trust is moderate or high, people feel safe, they are excited to collaborate, and life just seems a lot better in your workplace.

Sadly, most trust building efforts fail. Not for lack of intent but for a lack of knowledge of two foundational truths about trust.

  1. It’s subjectively defined Trust means different things to different people, so we gauge our own and other’s trustworthiness against our own implicit criteria, feelings and intentions.
  2. It’s behavioral. Trust is built and broken through actions, specifically science-proven, definable, and measurable behaviors. And yet, we make trust muddier and messier by both referring to trust in the abstract and then attempting to strengthen or repair trust through solutions that are anything but rooted in the behaviors that build and break trust.

We overcome the drivers of failed trust building.


DISCOVER the need, opportunity, and business impact of amplifying trust in your environment through a trust audit. Co-create a vision, timeline and success measures that will shape, activate, strengthen, protect and sustain trust in your employees, teams, and leaders.

UNCOVER where trust stands when assessed through a valid measurement tool that establishes a baseline for trust work that is rooted in behaviors that build and break trust. Learn where trust is high, moderate, low or very low and how this these levels impact your people, culture, and business results. Pinpoint the behaviors to strengthen and the focused actions that set a trajectory for deepened trust.

COMMIT intentions and personal ownership to take the first step to foster greater trust.  Create a step-by-step action plan to leverage strengths, address vulnerabilities, and measurably improve trust. Trust is not built in an event, a day, or a week. Trust is built in our relationships incrementally and reciprocally over time.

ACT planfully and integrate chosen trust behaviors into all interactions. Because trust is reciprocal, our capacity to trust others is expanded when we engage in building other’s trust in us; we walk this trust building path together.

OPTIMIZE accountability, and progress through systematic pulse checks. Identify attained trust building improvements, target areas to leverage trust gains, develop a discipline to celebrate turning points and successes, reveal trust building best practices, and hardwire trust in your mission and results.

Through Trust Better, TogetherTM our practical, actionable game changing proven process and suite of solutions we activate, elevate and perpetuate trust in your people, teams and organization. Powered by the Reina® Trust Building model, a scientifically grounded frame-work which defines measures and solves trust issues, we actually move the needle on trust.

Team Trust Better, TogetherTM

Why care about team trust?

  • 95% of your employees or contractors work in teams and spend over 50% of their work time in collaborate exchanges.

High trust in a team is tantamount to team and business success.

We overcome the drivers of failed trust building by first assessing and establishing a base-line measurement of trust within a team.

Next, we work with the team to identify, implement, and sustain high trust behaviors and outcomes using tools and methods curated for the purposes of building trust, based upon that team’s baseline trust measurement and trust goals.