Business Sandbox

The “business sandbox” should be where everyone plays better, together, as a team.

Who didn’t play in a sandbox as a child? And by your side were other children — some you got along with, and some simply just didn’t know how to play well with others. And what took place decades ago are some of the same behaviors today that are preventing everyone from playing better together in what we call the “business sandbox.”
Through scientifically validated methodologies and real world work experience, Vivid Performance Group helps reveal and develop your employees’, teams’ and leaders’ abilities to work better together.
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Spoke Marketing, headed up by three partners, including Dan Klein, provides fully-integrated marketing grounded in strategy and aligned with a company’s sales process. Unprecedented growth has meant establishing an improved process for their team to work better, together.

“Through team coaching and
facilitation, you quickly found
our strengths and identified
our weaknesses to build team
efficiency. Then you coached
us on how to adjust, make
adaptations, and overcome growth challenges – all through trust building”

Dan Klein
Spoke Marketing
CEO, Managing Partner

“The Leadership Trust Scale® provided essential data on trust levels that I have created within my clients and peer groups.
I was then able to use this knowledge to take informed actions on any behaviors that could improve trust in my relationships.”

Jeanet Wade
Business Alchemist
Expert EOS Implementer®

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Business Alchemist, is led by Expert EOS Implementor® Jeanet Wade who wanted to obtain data on the levels of Trust she had created within her clients and peer groups. With this knowledge she knew she could effectively take actions on any behaviors that could improve trust in her client relationships.

As a highly placed senior leader of companies in the construction and engineering space, Mike is well versed in the challenges to culture, teams and leaders in times of merger or acquisition. In a previous role, he and his leaders faced an integration in which extreme cultural differences existed. What they required was the ability to motivate, focus, and align the staff of these differing companies into one united team.

“Without your guidance we would have become completely stalled by integration challenges and lack of team alignment during an acquisition. Your work with our company president led to an historical financial performance.”

Michael Hein AIA, PMP
The HFW Companies