Individual Development

Executive Coaching

Established leaders must navigate the polarities of both growing in personal+ leader capacity and successfully managing  the day to day “whirl wind” and direction related to people, outcomes, execution and accountability.

We work with these leaders to:

  • Develop strategic self-awareness through a combination of psychometric and 360 assessments
  • Uncover strengths, under-utilized talents, over-strengths and “dark” behaviors
  • Align new awarenesses with critical goals and identify a throughway to success including sustainable changes in beliefs, attitudes and behaviors
  • Execute the critical-to-success actions
  • Review results and coach a leader to continuously evolve through personal discovery, commitment and growth


Leader Challenge & Change Coaching

In the VUCA environment leaders face inflection points in their careers and development. In these moments leaders will either rise to the occasion or decompensate. The latter which often leads to leader, team and even organizational derailment. Supporting the leader with coaching sets that leader up to meet these challenges.

Leaders need support when they are tasked to deliver critical business results in one of these three key areas:

Shepard a transformational change

  • Fixing the plane while flying it
  • Addressing the “we’ve always done it this way”
  • Getting people to embrace new approaches

Strategic partner and trusted advisor

  • Earning a seat at the table with internal/external stakeholders
  • Being ready to deliver powerful, relevant insights
  • Influencing without authority, delivering subject matter expert with an enterprise view

Driver of business execution

  • Hitting targets for growth, costs, deliverables etc
  • Getting people engaged and aligned to drive results
  • Unleashing innovation and finding new ways to win
Emerging Leader Identification, Coaching, & Development

We help organizations identify and develop their future leaders.  These individuals frequently fall into two categories: Ready Now and Ready Later.

We support and foster ready now and ready later leaders by:

  • Developing their strategic self-awareness through a combination of psychometric and 360 assessments
  • Uncovering the leader’s strengths and development needs in areas of leadership competencies, under-utilized talents, over-strengths and “dark” behaviors, and connecting with the appropriate network of internal and external stakeholders
  • Aligning these new awarenesses with a map of development milestones in areas of key knowledge, skills and abilities, and sustainable beliefs, attitudes and behaviors
  • Partnering as trainer and coach to deepen the leader’s capacity in interpersonal and self-management skills, systems thinking, relationship management, and team development
  • Reviewing results and coaching the leader to continuously evolve through personal discovery, commitment and growth


Executive / New Leader Onboarding & Traction

Newly hired or promoted executives have a short ramp-up time to form connections with employees, peers, and management, and to establish credibility, learn their role, and get results.

An external coach can frequently speed the transition. We assist these leaders new to the role or organization through:

  • Identifying KPI’s for success while managing expectations up, down, and lateral in the organization
  • Uncovering the leader’s strengths, risks of over-strengths or under-utilized talent, and risks of engaging in “dark behaviors” at times of stress
  • Developing an action plan and key milestones for attaining early traction in relationships, learning the business and delivering results
  • Functioning as a sounding board, coach and even trainer to foster      quicker, smoother and more confidence-building assimilation into a role or organization
Individual Contributor | "Develop In Place" Coaching

Organization and team outcomes are built upon a firm foundation of  individual contributors. Millennials and Gen Z employees expect to be “developed in place” or for that next role, even when neither entails being a people manager.  Developing key talent in place of for the next role is a must-do to retain valuable employees and inspire employee engagement.

We help you reduce regrettable turnover and improve individual performance outcomes by working with individuals to:

  • Develop their strategic self-awareness through a combination of psychometric and 360 assessments
  • Uncover their strengths, under-utilized talents, over-strengths and “dark” behaviors
  • Align this awareness with “develop in place” and/or behavior intervention goals
  • Act in ways to achieve the desired outcome
  • Review their results and commit to continuously evolve through sustained personal discovery and growth